Data labelling

Data Labeling

Over 500K crowd of annotators and linguists provides you text machine learning services, including classification, named entity recognition,sentiment analysis and translation in over 60 languages.

Data Collection

Our Image annotation and image classification services powers your computer vision models and real-world conditions, minimizing background clutter, illumination or scale variation.

Translation Services

We customize our audio classification and audio machine learning services to your company’s needs with out 500K+ specialist’s help in over 60 languages from indoors, crowded areas or car interiors.

How MarsCrowd provides you accurate human-labeled data

Marscrowd has more than 20 years of experience in over 50 countries providing machine learning services with a global network of crowdsourcing and project managers coordinating and managing each process to ensure accurate, quality data.

A Crowd of

Trained Specialists

More than




human labelled data

What Do Our Clients Say About Us

Jungle Scout

"Marscrowd has provided us with translations of marketing documentation for over one year, always with a friendly yet professional approach. They respond promptly to translation requests, provide good advice when required and are willing to "go the extra mile" to provide an all-round excellent service."

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Our Programs

Startup Program

Enhancing lives Program

Academia Program

startup program

Startup Program

We understand that startups in the AI industry can face many challenges: fierce competition, knowledge management, and financial constraints; the MarsCrowd startup program is designed to support and develop startups into well-established companies.

Enhancing lives program

Enhancing Lives Program

Projects using machine learning to help people overcome significant life challenges deserve admiration and support. MarsCrowd’s Enhancing Lives Program seeks to aid those projects with quality data at an affordable cost to boost the reach of what you are doing.

Academia program

Academia Program

Often, the research being done in academia lays the foundation for future enterprises. MarsCrowd’s academia program seeks to free up institutions to operate at the highest level by offloading the time-consuming tasks of data collection and labeling at an affordable rate.

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