An NLU Breakthrough Using John Ball’s Patom Theory

by | Aug 10, 2021

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Conversational AI in How Patom Theory made breakthroughs on NLU by “speaking human” with John Ball, Founder, and CTO of Pat,Inc. The MarsPod How AI is Changing Society host by Mark Wesley, Marketing Manager, at MarsCrowd


Our favorite quote by John Ball:

John Ball Patom Theory Patom atoms quote NLP and NLU


About this episode: Patom Theory, AI Chatbots and NLU 

Leveraging the next generation of AI and chatbots is what Pat Inc. (Pat.ai) is working on through John Ball’s Patom Theory. Developing Conversational AI at Pat AI for voice or text to enhance NLP and NLU tasks. His theory is empowering machines to understand, respond, and generate answers to very complex requests.

Plus, Patom Theory has another perspective about brain synapses and how they are linked to knowledge. The foundation of the theory focuses on how meaning works in language. Patom Theory dives into the challenge of how our brain can calculate and process information.

AI Chatbot Conversational AI NLP and NLU application

What is natural language processing?

First, what is natural language? Natural language is a language that is natural for humans. Machines capture the meaning in language from inputs of words such as sentences, paragraphs, and more by implementing NLP vs. NLU techniques to understand and process large amounts of data within text and speech.

NLP is part of what we call “text machine learning“. Some NLP tasks include sentiment analysis, text classification, semantic search, and named entity extraction (NER).


What natural language processing can do?

Natural language understanding applications process meaningful inputs from natural language. Businesses improve their conversational AI with text annotation for NLP and NLU tasks. Like question answering, sentiment analysis, or part of speech tagging for AI Chatbots. These AI chatbots help to grow customer relations for retail or triage and emergency assessment in healthcare.

This MarsPod episode also includes:

  • The origins of the Patom Theory regarding bi-directional nature of auditory and visual processing of information in the brain.
  • After the popularization of deep learning, how did John Ball apply his theory to natural language understanding (NLU) applications?
  • Pat Inc provides travel enterprises support with booking and scheduling services with an AI Chabot able to recall previous conversations without establishing context.

Listen to the full episode “An NLU Breakthrough Using John Ball’s Patom Theory” on the MarsPod Podcast in all your favorite channels listed below. You’ll also find this episode on YouTube. Just search “MarsPod.”

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