Has Sevak Avakians Created Artificial General Intelligence?

by | Sep 24, 2021

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Machine learning in “Has Sevak Avakians Created Artificial General Intelligence? ” featuring Sevak Avakians, founder and CTO of Intelligent Artifacts. The company has developed a deterministic, fully explainable AI framework, GAIuS™, that can be used to build a mission and safety-critical solutions. The MarsPod How AI is Changing Society host by Mark Wesley, Marketing Manager, at MarsCrowd. 

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About this episode:

Leveraging the next generation of Machine Intelligence is what Intelligent Artifacts is working on through the EXCITE Framework—developing traceable machine learning. Their AI solutions eliminate current machine shortcomings and minimize bias.

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What is AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)?

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is sometimes referred to as strong intelligence vs. weak intelligence or narrow AI. Avakians explains AGI “means human-level machine intelligence. It is a system able to solve problems like a human can or better, or on par with a human in all these different domains. There are different types of problem sets, types of datasets, and the machine can solve those problems as well as a human.

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What is Narrow AI vs. General AI?

The difference between Narrow AI vs. General AI, Avakians explains, is “narrow AI operates in one specific domain quite well. Still, if the environment changes slightly or something is asked differently, it doesn’t do well.”  You can read “Do we need to ditch deep learning for true AGI?“, where he answered in a Q&A brief format.

This MarsPod episode includes:

  • Understand what Artificial General Intelligence is and how it is different from Artificial Intelligent. 
  • Gain a unique point of view about Narrow AI vs. General AI.
  • Discover the EXCITE framework: Explainable, Computable, Interpretable, Traceable, and Editable AI by Intelligent Artifacts.
  • Learn from Avakians what the current challenges of safety-critical industries are.

Listen to the full episode “Has Sevak Avakians Created Artificial General Intelligence?” on the MarsPod Podcast in all your favorite channels listed below. You’ll also find this episode on YouTube. Just search “MarsPod.”

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