When Will AI Bring You the Future You Were Promised?

by | Aug 16, 2021

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AI integration platform as a service in How Hypergiant created the first AI service integration platform and When Will AI Bring You the Future You Were Promised? with Kristina Libby, CMO at Hypergiant The MarsPod How AI is Changing Society host by Mark Wesley, Marketing Manager, at MarsCrowd. 


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About this episode

Marketing + Humanitarian + Writer + Artist = Kristina Libby. As a Chief Marketing Officer at Hypergiant the AI company provides solutions to world problems in space, defense, and critical infrastructure by providing an AI services integration platform for cloud, 5G, and Edge.

Plus, Libby shares her unique insights about what Sentient AI is, Hypergiant’s “Tomorrowing Today” ,the impact of sci-retrofuturism, and humanity’s big dilemma: lack of technical literacy.

She also founded the Floral Heart Project to help provide healing, compassion, and sympathy for those impacted by COVID-19.

An AI service integration platform definition

An algorithm follows a set of specifications. Often by computation performing calculations, automated reasoning, and other tasks.

Machine learning algorithms learn from data iteratively as they ingest training data (the input). Based on it, they will provide an output. They differ from regular algorithms because they are not programmed to execute tasks.

Integration platform as a service (iPaas) uses cloud-based integration to enable businesses to develop, perform and administer integration of flows for multiple applications. Knowing that, AI as a services means, in the context of Hypergiant, they have created an AI service integration platform enabling not only cloud, but also 5G and edge.


What is “Tomorrowing Today” for Hypergiant? 

Libby gives insight into “When Will AI Bring You the Future You Were Promised?”. She explains that Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant and board member, started the company looking for answers such as—”Why don’t we have the future we were promised? Where are the flying cars? Where is the utopian society? Where is the society that emits less pollution and lives in space pods and has a residency on the moon”? —Not only “why aren’t we there, but where is the vision for where we can go?”.

Lamm wanted to dive into that space and see how to push it forward and start doing things of tomorrow today. That’s the core of Hypergiant’s culture. As a result, they specialize in AI, both product and service. Hypergiant started creating from bioreactors, space helmets to robots who can clean spaces with the idea of “tomorrowing today”.

This MarsPod episode also includes:

  • The origins of what is “Tomorrowing Today” by Ben Lamm, CEO of    Hypergiant.
  • How pillars of society such as space, defense and critical infrastructure related to AI as building blocks of humanity.
  • Misconceptions about sentience AI
  • The origins of the Floral Heart Project

Listen to the full episode “When Will AI Bring You the Future You Were Promised” on the MarsPod Podcast in all your favorite channels listed below. You’ll also find this episode on YouTube. Just search “MarsPod.”

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