Machine Learning in Higher Education


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MarsCrowd Academia Program

The Academia Program is an initiative to support research and development of AI and machine learning in higher education. The program provides quality data annotation as well as data collection of images, audios, and texts. Additional services such as audio transcriptions, text translations, and multilingual datasets are included per request.

Our crowd tailors different types of annotations for computer vision models, deep learning models, and machine learning models based on your research priority and timeline.

The program has two customizable options for machine learning in academia.

Mentor Program


● One of our top resource managers is assigned to your academic research, following your timeline, schedule, and priorities. 
● All data annotation and data collection provided are highly confidential and secured through our platform of specialized annotators.
● All data annotation and data collection are fully customized to your academic research. 

mentor program

Advisor Program

advisor program


● With an overseer and consultant approach, we looby on your behalf to get your research project accepted on the Zooniverse platform.
● We organize a group of volunteer annotators and data collectors interested in advancing your academic research with an assigned Resource Manager.
● This program option focuses on affordability and optimizes time only paying a management fee.

Our Overall Process


Receive samples and project requirements for evaluation

project guidelines

Define and discuss project guidelines, workforce, and cost estimates.


Evaluate project based on qualification and performance.

All information provided is kept confidential during the entire process from start to end.

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