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MarsCrowd Enhancing Lives Program

Technology, and AI more specifically, can be used for all sorts of applications. The ones that we’re interested in are the ones who utilize this technology for the benefit of people and moving society forward. Some of you are trying to make a difference in the world with your solutions. You don’t have to fight this battle alone. 

MarsCrowd’s Enhancing Lives Program is aimed at providing data collection and annotation services for AI training data. We leverage a global Crowd of resources spread out over 50 countries and with language expertise. If your solution requries natural language processing, we have specialists in 120+ languages. If you need x-ray image data for medical diagnosis solutions, we have a crowd of over 500k ready to give you a wholely representative dataset. If you need audio data, we can utilize those resources to get you data from the regions you need.

Do You Qualify for the Program?

enhance lifespan

Enhances life span

enhance safety

Enhances safety

enhance life quality

Enhances life quality

These qualifications are broad on purpose. Perhaps more important than anything is the inspiration behind your project and what your goal is. Does your project try to increase early detection of cancer? Can your machine learning model more accurately guess the locations of wildfires? Does your project aim to allow for increased mobility of someone who’s been paralyzed? Anything that you’re doing to try to help others is something we want to hear about

What Do You Get in Return?

We understand that a lot of times, projects that are truly trying to make a difference are borne out of passion. Sometimes those projects stall due to financial constraints. We don’t want your project to die, so we hope to ease that burden. If you believe you meet the criteria mentioned above and can benefit from this program, please reach out to us and tell us about your project.



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