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MarsCrowd Startup Program

Startups face an uphill battle. First, there’s the challenge of getting a prototype together. Next, there’s the challenge of finding the right team to make your vision a reality. Perhaps the biggest challenge of all is getting the funding required to get your project off the ground. The last thing you want in a sea of uncertainty is poor quality data for your machine learning models. 

MarsCrowd’s Startup Program is aimed at providing data collection and annotation services for AI training data. We leverage a global Crowd of resources spread out over 50 countries and with language expertise. If you are an NLP startup, we have language annotators in 120+ languages. If you need data for facial recognition, we have an extremely diverse crowd ready to give you a wholely representative dataset. If you need audio data, we can utilize those resources to get you data in the regions you need.

Do You Qualify for the Program?


Receive no more than $25 million USD in annual revenue


No more than 100 employees


Not be valued at more than $250 million USD

What Do You Get in Return?


off normal cost

Quotation between $1k to $5k


off normal cost

Quotation between $5k to $10k


off normal cost

Quotation over $10k

All of these discounts will apply for the first two years of partnerships. Beyond the benefit of receiving a discount, you will also gain access to our knowledge of training machine learning models, our customizable annotation tools, and a secure in-house platform for data collection and labeling projects.

Favorable Payment Terms

We can offer 30 days of credit to the amount of $10,000 if you meet the following criteria:

Previously already paid over $20,000 in full

Partnered with us for 2 months or more with all payments fulfilled on time

The credit amount can be increased under request and internal evaluation. If you believe you meet the criteria mentioned above and can benefit from this program, please reach out to us and tell us about your project.

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