Data Collection Services for Machine Learning

When it comes to the quality of your models, the beginning stages are the most critical. Getting the right data can make the difference for the success of your solution. Our Crowd is ready to collect the data that will help lift your project off the ground.
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Diversity in Data Collection

One of the challenges the AI industry faces is bias in machine learning models. One reason for this is a lack of accuracy in the data-labeling . Another major reason is the lack of diversity in the dataset. By deploying a global Crowd for data collection, you gain access to a greater level of representation for your datasets.

Types of Data Collection Services

Text Data Collection

Text datasets can be used for all sorts of solutions. From chatbots to virtual assistants to semantic search, our Crowd is ready to collect your text data to fit your requirements. With mastery in 120+ languages, we can help you deliver your solution across the globe.

Text Data Collection

Image Data Collection

Computer Vision is an important sector of the AI industry. One of the building blocks for advanced CV solutions is comprehensive image collection. Our Crowd has the global reach your project will need to take your models to the next level.

Image Data Collection

Audio Data Collection

With resources across the globe and fluency in 120+ languages, our Crowd can handle any audio collection project. With transcription tools built into our platform, we have what you need to get the audio datasets your solutions deserve.

Audio Data Collection

Meet Our Crowd

MarsCrowd’s global community of more than 15K trained specialists cares about quality and speed to meet your image machine learning goals. Data is collected in advance for future projects to speed up the delivery time. So if quality and speed are what you’re after, look no further.

Jungle Scout

"Marscrowd has provided us with translations of marketing documentation for over one year, always with a friendly yet professional approach. They respond promptly to translation requests, provide good advice when required and are willing to "go the extra mile" to provide an all-round excellent service."

Boosting Your Data for Machine Learning

Speed & Scale

Our applications enable a Crowd thousands of people to be singularly focused on your project. Through annotation and proofreading tools, no task is too large.

Industry Experience

MarsCrowd partners up with its sister company Mars Translation to bring you project managers and proofreaders with a combined experience of over 1,000 projects.

Quality Assurance

MarsCrowd has an excellent track record as a quality-first linguistics provider to AI companies. Boasting in-house linguists and project managers to make sure you get the most accurate data on the market.

Leader in Crowdsourcing

Utilizing an all-star collaboration with Mars Translation and Mars Translator, MarsCrowd is able to assemble teams of specialists on the fly to produce large amounts of customized data in record time.

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