Audio Annotation
for AI Training Data

The ability to understand audio data is at the heart of many AI solutions, and it depends on accurate annotation of audio files. MarsCrowd provides a global Crowd to perform audio annotation in over 120 languages.

What is Audio Annotation?

Audio annotation is the manual process of labeling audio datasets. This could include anything from conversations, environmental noises, or machine sounds. Through proper labeling, machine learning models are able to make sense of those sounds. This allows for a more seamless integration with the AI algorithms assigned to those applications.

Audio Annotation Services for AI



Our global Crowd converts speech into written text in 120+ languages. With language specialists on our in-house annotation platform, we securely transcribe your audio datasets.



You have the audio training data, and we have a Crowd ready to analyze that data. Get customized classifiers according to your requirements with the accuracy you deserve.

Our Services Become Your Solution

Virtual Assistants are becoming a standard first line of communication for companies all over the world. But is the first impression they are creating a good one? Despite the sheer volume of virtual assistants, many of them are still not optimal replacements for humans. The importance of accurately annotating audio into a digital data is extremely high. So is the ability to transition from digital data into language processing. Fortunately, MarsCrowd can cover this whole process.

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