Image Annotation
for AI Training Data

Get access to an experienced Crowd of professionals with an annotation background. Make sure your image datasets are labeled correctly, making each image recognizable for your Computer Vision models.

What is Image Annotation?

Image annotation is the process of labeling image data accurately for the purpose of training your machine learning models. Ensure your solution can accurately identify, classify and group objects. Regardless of what the application is, one common factor underlies all of it: a need for accurate image annotation services. Enter MarsCrowd.

Image Annotation Services for AI



Improve your Computer Vision model’s ability to recognize emotions in image datasets. Our Crowd and in-house platform annotate large amounts of data by interpreting facial expressions.



Contactless biometrics and security systems depend on accurate image annotation as well as diverse datasets. Our global Crowd will improve your facial recognition models.



Object detection is a major component of Computer Vision. Combine our Crowd with customizable annotation tools and you get the most advanced, accurate object detection models.



We bring meaning to your training data by making sure your model is accurately able to analyze images and identify the class it belongs to with extremely high probability.

Our Services Become Your Solution

In the Covid era, there has been a major shift towards contactless biometric systems. As a result, facial recognition is growing in importance day by day. Also on the rise is the realization that machine learning bias is a major problem facing the industry. Accuracy and diversity have emerged as two of the most important elements to solve this problem. MarsCrowd’s global Crowd of resources is here to help.

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