Intent Classification Services for Machine Learning

Become more customer-centric by improving your AI through intent classification. MarsCrowd’s global resources will set up intent classifiers to boost your AI model’s ability to respond in real time to your potential customers.

Intent Classification

What is Intent Classification?

Intent classification is nothing if it is not mapped to your customer goals or ideal customer outcomes. Text data is collected and aggregated into datasets. Intent classifiers are then created so that groups of text can be annotated and separated into the appropriate categories. The ultimate goal of training your model is to produce customer insights to you automatically based on the interactions your potential customers have with your brand.

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Intent Classification in Action

When we work together on a project, you can expect a seamless process for delivery. Intent Classification projects are broken down into 5 general steps from the collection of data all the way to delivery. The process looks something like the model below:


Training of

classification model

Text Data Collection for Machine Learning Process

Text data collection

Design of

feature extractors

Performance evaluation & visualization

How Does Intent Classification Work?

Intent classification is a sub-set of natural language processing with the goal of assigning intent to pieces of text. This is done through the training of machine learning models. There are two foundational steps: collecting enough of the relevant data and then labeling that data accurately. By using your specific customer goals as intent classifiers, our Crowd can annotate every piece of text to assign the proper intent.
In the end, the model you train and feed data into is able to produce actionable insights about the intent people have regarding your product or service. The nature of this information can be used to take your business to the next level by being able to respond to your audience in near-real time. The choice is yours on whether or not you want to unlock somthing so potentially powerful.

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