Object Detection Datasets for Machine Learning

Object detection has the potential to have a significant positive impact on the workplace and on the environment. Don’t let data be the thing that holds back progress. Let our Crowd help provide the datasets you need.

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What is Object Detection?

Object recognition is the ability for a machine to be given a video or image and locate the objects within it. When building technologies such as autonomous driving or video surveillance, object detection creates the foundation for these applications. Accuracy becomes critical for applications likee these because people’s lives are at stake. Our Crowd can help with the collection, labeling and QA of every dataset needed to make your solution perform the way it should.

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Object Detection in Action

When we work together on a project, you can expect a seamless process for delivery. Object detection projects can be broken down into 5 general steps from the collection of image data to the continual improvement of the model while repeating the process. The overall goal is to accurately and automatically segment image files for improved Computer Vision. The process looks something like the model below:


Training of

classification model

Text Data Collection for Machine Learning Process

Text data collection

Design of

feature extractors

Performance evaluation & visualization

How Does Object Detection Work?

With the utilization of deep learning, object detection is able to happen automatically. Whether your solution be for driverless vehicles, robotics, drones or any other application you are interested in, quality data is at the heart of it. Don’t let a lack of quality data separate you from achieving what’s possible.
In order to test and feed the proper training data, you will need a team of annotators, resource managers, and project managers at your disposal. Our Crowd of experienced annotators can make sure you have all the object detection data you need to ensure the quality of your solution.

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