Text Annotation for AI Training Data

Bring meaning to your text datasets through high-quality text annotation services. Our platform gives you access to a global Crowd and annotation tools that can be customized to your needs.

What is Text Annotation?

When humans read text, the meaning and emotion of the content is understood innately. How does one translate that nuance to an AI? Text annotation. By annotating text, you are adding meta-data to a dataset that allows for deeper understanding by the AI. Applications like Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, and more become possible. Regardless of what the application is, one common factor underlies all of it: a need for accurate text annotation services. Enter MarsCrowd.

Text Annotation Services for AI



Get access to a broad range of natural language processing services and tools on our in-house platform. Provide enhanced language understanding and generation to your AI solutions.


Sentiment Analysis

Improve customer relations, product features, or even brand reputation through sentiment analysis of your text-based datasets. Utilize a Crowd with expertise in 120+ languages.


Intent Classification

Use real-life training data and annotation to understand human language with our Crowd’s support. Unlock the intent included in text-based data to better serve your audience.


Named Entity Recognition

Enhance your model’s ability to decipher entities through our customized annotation tools & platform. Our Crowd labels large amounts of data to boost your NER model’s accuracy.

Our Services Become Your Solution

NLP industry applications simplify customer shopping experiences by enhancing chatbots and making human-to-machine interaction more dynamic and relevant. NLP personalizes communication by recognizing and addressing sentiment, emotion, and intent. According to Statista, the NLP market will be 14 times larger in 2025, increasing worldwide revenue from $3 billion in 2017 to $43 billion U.S. dollars.

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