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Being able to connect with your audience requires more than just providing content in the right language. It’s about speaking the way your audience speaks. Our global Crowd of language specialists can help.

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What is Language Localization?

Or should the question be, “What is localization?” Language is such an interesting concept. The combination of words or context of those words may differ from country to country while retaining the same root language, altering the meaning entirely. When translating pieces of text, it is not enough just to translate from one language to another. You need to be able to write it in the distinct way that audience would write it. You may not even be translating between two languages. You may need to translate English to English, Chinese to Chinese, etc. This ability to communicate with location in mind, not just language, is called localization.

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Localization Services in Action

When we work together on a project, you can expect a seamless process for delivery. Localization projects can be broken down into 4 general steps from the collection of the text data to delivery. The overall goal is to provide the most accurate translation of text, and present it in a way that is as localized and as natural as possible. The process looks something like the model below:

Project +

resource management

Localization Process

Raw data upload
to in-house platform

Machine execution

with human support


How Does Language Localization Work?

When our Crowd undertakes a localization task, the first thing we do is source one of our expert linguists who is from the area the task is targeting. We want to make sure that a local is the one localizing. Localization takes into consideration the spelling, grammatical structure, nuance, and distinct characteristics of the written text.
You are a company that has a market outside of your immediate surroundings. City to city, state to state, province to province, even country to country. Boundaries, no matter how small, can create unique qualities in the local language. Make sure you always speak to your customers the way they communicate. Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your business because you didn’t know how to communicate most effectively.

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