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When time is of the essence, it is still important to ensure the quality of your translations. We provide machine translation post editing to provide the proper balance of speed, quality, and accuracy.

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What is Machine Translation Post Editing?

Machine translation post editing (MTPE) is the process of taking text that has been translated by a machine and manually ensuring its accuracy. When it comes to the accuracy and quality of a translation, nothing can truly substitute human translation. However, variables may be at play that are more important such as cost or time. Our Crowd can act as a last line of defense to make sure that you’re not led astray by a poor machine translation.

Why MarsCrowd?

A Crowd of

Trained Specialists

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A Crowd of

In-House Linguists

MTPE in Action

When we work together on a project, you can expect a seamless process for delivery. Machine translation can be broken down into 4 general steps from the collection of data to its final delivery back to the end client. The overall goal is provide both speed and accuracy of translation while relying on a system built from advanced translation algorithms. The process looks something like the model below:

Project +

resource management

Machine Translation Post Editing Services Process

Raw data upload
to in-house platform

Machine execution

with human support


How Does MTPE Work?

One of the major benefits of machine translation in comparison with human translation is the speed with which translations can occur and the quantity that can be produced. You cannot replace the expertise or care that a human can add to a translation, but when time is of the essence, machine translation is a great alternative. And those algorithms will only continue to get more sophisticated in the future.
MarsCrowd can provide the best of both worlds with a sophisticated machine translation solution while also providing language specialists to ensure the accuracy of those translations. Don’t relinquish all control to automated translations. We’ll provide the turnaround you’re looking for.

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